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Sandra Rubinstein Winer was born in San José, Costa Rica, where she currently lives and works. She graduated in Graphic Arts, studied Photography, Marketing and Business Administration. In addition to working in commercial and business areas, she has taught Graphic Design at Universidad VERITAS.

She enhanced her knowledge in the art of sculpture with renowned masters of the country as well as with some foreign ones, among them Manuel Vargas and Alexy Palenzuela Ramos. Her great artistic sensitivity has led her to work in collaboration with many Costa Rican painters and sculptors, with the sole purpose of spreading Costa Rican talent and work internationally.

After venturing into different branches of Art such as drawing, painting, engraving and photography, her artistic restlessness and creative energy led her to experiment with new forms and emotions in Sculpting. She chose bronze as her work material, and in its hardness and ductility she discovered a means of representation of freedom and sensitivity. The female body discovers itself fully in the search for its interiority, and it could be interpreted as its escape from millenary chains or as an expression of strength and power in its femininity.

Most of her works originate from the alloys that make up bronze and produce that aesthetic-sensory impact, although she has experimented with other techniques, as seen in some of her sculptures. In the construction of the three-dimensional art, her work is notable for representing the human body with an unprecedented proposal, simplifying it while also presenting it within its own contemporary realism.

Her works have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions along with Latin American and foreign artists, in individual exhibitions, and some of them are part of important private collections in Costa Rica, Venezuela, United States and Israel.

As a businesswoman with a long career, she has worked in different areas of business, including ten years managing an advertising agency; and leading five international fast food franchises in Costa Rica for more than twenty-three years. She has also worked in companies in the food and beverage import and distribution business, the automotive industry, and the bonded warehouse. She is currently the Vice-President of the Business Group AGE Holding.

Artist's Reflective Statement

Creation is the work of a higher being; the artist only develops, transforms, composes and decomposes to create an art piece that speaks for itself and conveys a message that words cannot transmit.

In the pursuit of my artistic path, I found the sculptural modeling in which, by adding or removing proportions of a block, of a shapeless material, with my hands, imagination and creativity, I have created volumes and spaces, until achieving the three-dimensional shape that communicates that message to the viewer.

The most important legacy I received from my parents was the importance of values, the balance and equilibrium that must exist in each one of our actions and attitudes as human beings. This inheritance was the source of inspiration for my work which employs the metaphor as a symbolic element that is transmitted in a potentiated manner in the three-dimensional and solid object that is the sculpture.
Life is full of extremes that determine significant changes. It is, however, the midpoint of balance which leads to truth and transcends over time as an expression of art.


In my work, the woman is the symbolic axis. These are global, empowered women that can represent any colorcast, origin or creed. It is the core of the femininity that aims to show the coexistence and abolition of the contradiction between the intellectual capacity and the perennial struggle with femininity, physical beauty and sensuality that we women have to deal with. Even though it may be thought as a contradiction, my aim is to show both angles through my work.


It’s had always been said that painters are of the air and sculptures are of the earth. Sandra Rubinstein blends the ethereal concepts of both into her timeless bronze sculptures this process started when she was a little girl, looking for a medium in which to express her feelings and emotions.
The artist as a child experimented with virtually every kind of medium from water colors to oil paints. The artist was always a seeker trying to find the perfect voice for her feelings, while participating and exploring all kinds of art the one true medium allude it her, after university Rubinstein devoted her time to racing her family and building along with her husband a very successful business in Costa Rica. The longing and need for her artistic expression grew more intensely as she mature as a woman, in 2005 Rubinstein started experimenting with sculptures working and play she could create the images that express her feelings as a woman, an artist, a mother and grandmother, however she knew she had to employ a substance that it was permanent so that these work of art would endure for eternity.

With that in mind the artist started exploring bronze, the idea of casting her work in bronze led her to an exploration of such classic artist as Juan de Bolonia to more contemporary artist as Paul Manship, Romain de Tirtoff (Erte). Having experimenting with multiple images and subject matters the artist decided to express her feelings through the female body and to celebrate the joy and beauty of women through her work.
Rubinstein has developed a somewhat stylishly image of women that she uses repeatedly in her work which expresses her idea of perfection, which is very feminine and very powerful.

She has worked with many important sculptors including, Manuel Vargas and Alexy Palenzuela Ramos.

Her work is incredibly powerful, and grounded to the earth while expressing a feeling of ethereal elegance.

Gilbert Carmichael M.F.A.
International Fine Art

When I came across Sandra Rubinstein's “divine women” I was shocked. Anyone who knows the sculptress knows her temple and determination, her restless spirit always looking for new challenges, her imposition for excellence, and her search for beauty and balance. However, her sculptural proposal exceeds any adjectives to discover itself in the artistic domain, the balance, the music of the muses, the harmony of the body, the flight toward the infinite.

In her work she reflects the balance of pain, joy, lightness, to achieve the solitary Peace of the spirit. Welcome, Sandra, to the list of our national artists who delight our spirit and fill us with pride. Good luck on this creative journey.

Aida Faingezicht de Fishman
Former Minister of Culture
Former Minister of Tourism

Sandra Rubinstein's sculptural work transmits a magical idealism which she has achieved by synthesizing shapes and relinquishing anything superfluous, using black patinas as a source of sobriety.

There are elements around her work that make a parenthesis and symbols, creating a catharsis in the work, where a syncretism between the object and the spectator is created.

Alexy Palenzuela Ramos

Alexy Palenzuela - Escultor

Elegance, Geometry and Sinuosity are some of the synonyms that can be attributed to the sculptures of Sandra Rubinstein. Extraordinary is her talent, of the kind that cannot be transmitted by anyone but is immanent in the delicate and tenacious soul of the Artist, who is able to introduce in the existing things the seductive forms of female bodies. These ones cross sublime geometric structures in an ethereal dance, almost in an attempt to confuse and persuade the delicate lines of the smooth bronze body that dominates and devotes every attention to itself.

Sandra possesses the culture of the World and of the Existence that shapes to give rise to a new and original identification of a work of art of her and our age, in order to witness the beauty and intuition that cannot be confused between noises and indifference. The language of bronze is a silent and immortal language, which in the bronzes of Riace leads us to their own era. In a similar way, with an extreme and sensitive ability, Sandra, a person with a gentle and elegant temperament, manages to excite the viewers of her works by offering humanity a contribution that elevates us all.

PhD. Daniela Accorsi
International Art Curator
President of AccorsiArte Gallery
Turin and Venice Italy


2007  - Exhibition of Latin American art, charity purposes, Hotel Marriott, Costa Rica.
2011 - Galería Enmarcarte Exhibition, Costa Rica.
2012 - Auction for the Dr. Raúl Blanco Cervantes Geriatric and Gerontological Hospital, Costa Rica.
2014 - Auction for Candidate Johnny Araya’s Electoral Campaign, Costa Rica.
2016 - Casa Premier Not for Fashion Exhibition, Costa Rica.
2018 - Exhibition at Atelier Fine International Art with the presence of violinist Nigel Armstrong, Costa Rica.
2018 - Exhibition at the Trunk Show by Fashion Week international designers, Costa Rica.
2018 - Exhibition at Saks Fifth Ave, New York.
2018 - Exhibition at Maserati Showroom at Terrazas de Lindora, Costa Rica.
2018 - Exhibition at National Gallery, Science and Culture Costa Rican, Children’s Museum, Costa Rica.
2018- I Bienal Tridimensional del Museo Municipal de Cartago, Costa Rica.
2019- Biennale D'Arte Di Venezia, Galleria AccorsiArte, Italia.
2019- Transitions Collective Art Exhibition, Saphira & Ventura Gallery, New York.
2019 - Exhibition at Galería AccorsiArte, Turín, Italia.
2019 - Exhibition at Museo del Jade, San José, Costa Rica.
2019 - Art City Tour, Museo del Jade, San José, Costa Rica
2019 - Galería Ochenta y 8, San José, Costa Rica.
2019 - Felipe Grimberg Fine Art, Fendi Chateau, Miami, Florida, USA.
2019 - Art Central Galleria, New York, USA.
2020 - ART3f, Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Mónaco.
2020 - Art Parma Fair Edición 12, Feria de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo, Parma, Italia.