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Harmony Phase


There is harmony when everything flows, when the body, soul and mind move at the same pace and the world opens to receive us. Consonance when we are a creating, repairing and conciliating spirit and have the power to decide between the good we must do and the evil that we must avoid.

This collection of sculptures intends to be a set of images that incite the reflection on positive values, which are achieved by keeping a balance between vices and virtues that intersect or are part of human existence.

The woman, represented by the recurrent use of the female figure, another central theme of this exhibition, will be the one reflecting on these issues, becoming empowered with wisdom through the equilibrium or existential balance, shattering the image of the woman as an object, becoming a provider and transmitter of the fullness obtained in moderation or good sense.

In this phase, each sculpture symbolizes a human value that the artist has added as a brushstroke into the shapes that transmit beauty in the harmony of their movements and in the sensuality of the dark bronze covering them.